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Protect Your Tropicals Now

Your Tropical bonsai are probably feeling discomfort now that the temperatures have dipped below 50.  These are Ficus, Joboticaba, Jasmine, Fukian tea, Jade, and others that grow in Zone 8 or higher. Initially you might shuffle them in and out if you don't have too many.  The area you place them in might be a garage, a greenhouse or a sunny window.  But when the temperatures are mostly below 50 it will be time to bring them in.  A sunny window may work but additional light may be needed.  Most houses are dry so be prepared to provide humidity.  A fan helps prevent mildew and even out the temperature.  If you use lights use a combination of 40 watt cool white and full spectrum bulbs.  Four are better than two bulbs.  These should be a close as possible to the tops of your trees.

Semi-tropicals are able to withstands lower temperatures but eventually they will need the same care as your tropicals.  You still have time to prepare your winter storage areas for your hardy and semi-hardy trees.

A full article about winter care will appear in the CBS newsletter.


Wed, 09/25/2013