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Cork Bark Chinese Elm Advice

So I got a cork bark from Huth at the workshop. It's been doing ok this summer. It sprouted plenty of new leaves and isn't dropping many.I have it on my front porch which gets morning and afternoon sun, butis shaded mid day. However the leave seem to have a slight yellow hugh to them rather being lush and green and a few of the leaves have a small black dead spot approx. 1mm in length. I haven't treated it with any insecticides or fungicides the whole summer. Could this be due to over/under watering? Pests? etc?

Any advice will help. Thanks,


Chinese Elms are notorious for yellowing leaves and black spot fungus.
Even healthy Chinese Elms get some yellowed leaves.
The black spot is a fungus that can be treated with fungicide, and not allowing the leaves to get wet when watering.
I used to water my elm in the evening and the water would sit on the leaves all night, growing fungus. I had a major black spot problem. Ever since then, I water it without getting the leaves wet, and it likes that much better. I rarely see black spotted leaves anymore.

I personally hate using fungicides and pesticides, so I would just remove all of the black spotted leaves you see and try not to get the foliage wet.
New leaves will probably have black spots for a while until the infection clears up, but it should clear up without the need for fungicide.

If you have to, I would use Orthenex.